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Senior Class Play

Jane Austin's romantic comedy, "Pride and Prejudice, " a popular classic dealing with the problems of an English family, was presented on October 20, by students of the Senior Class. Mrs. Bennett (Joyce Schmidt), who directs all her efforts toward marrying off her five daughters, Jane(Nicki Roberts), Elizabeth(Karen White), Mary (Sarah Nave), Lydia(Trudy Gidcumb) and Catherine (Faye Tison) gets no help from Mr. Bennett, her level headed husband (Pete Bertino), and cries continuously that they are destined to be poor. The marriage situation becomes very involved as Lady Lucas (Carolyn Collins) and her daughter Charlotte (Marilyn Turner) bring news that Mr. Bingley (Gary McGowan) and Miss Bingley, his sister, (Jill Montgomery) are returning to town accompanied by Mr. Darcy (Sam Blackman). On the same day Mrs. Bennett learns that Mr. Collins, their cousin, (Jim Gray) is arriving soon. What an opportunity for Mrs. Bennett! Three eligible young men at one time. As the play progresses, Lydia elopes with Mr. Wickbam (Jim Barnett), a dashing British officer, Elizabeth refuses Mr. Collins' proposal of marriage, Jane is disappointed in love and Mrs. Bennett approaches a nervous break-down. Hill (Barbara Miller) is kept busy by the family as she remains the faithful maid and poor Mr. Bennett strives to correct the whole mess. Elizabeth falls in love with Mr. Darcy and becomes her independent self as she tells Lady Catherine (Jane Pulliam) just what is what. Never fear I Indeed the whole plot is frustrating but ends happily. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy become engaged and Mr. Bingley is promised Jane's hand in marriage. Mr. Rhine very patiently and capably directed this play cast.

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